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This training is intended for Ammonia Refrigeration Operators, Managers, and Plant Engineers who have successfully passed the Operator I course and/or have a higher level or experience and knowledge in Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration systems.

Training will include:

IIAR-6 Preventative Maintenance Program Requirements

  • Testing and Calibrations of Refrigeration Systems Safety Devices
  • Compressors Cutouts (High Discharge, Suction, Oil Differential, Motor Amps)
  • High Level Floats on Vessels (to prevent liquid ammonia from going back to the compressors)
  • E-Stop Switches
  • Emergency and Continuous Ventilation
  • Ammonia Detectors and Alarms (Turns on Ventilations, Shutdown Compressors, etc.
  • Emergency Shutdown Valves (ESD’s) Maintenance and Tagging, PIDs

Setup and Preparing for the Inspection

  • Creating the IIAR-6 Checklist using P&ID and Equipment
  • Planning and preparing for the on-site visit and schedule based on the size of the facility.

How to Perform a Mechanical Integrity Inspection

  • IIAR-6 Review and Understanding IIAR-6 checklist.
  • Inspection Criteria
  • Components included in a MI Inspection
  • Types of Compressors
  • Types of Evaporators
  • Types of Pressure Vessels including Recirculators and Accumulators
  • Types of Valves
  • Where to start – Engine Room, Vessel Room, Condensers, (Determine weather conditions for the rest of the week to know if you should do the roof first).
  • Equipment information Documents- (Equipment Photos)
  • Why you need P&IDS during an inspection
  • Identification of equipment to match PIDS.
  • Adding Related Documents (nameplate photos, including SRVs, U1 Data Reports)
  • Creating Component Packages: Compressor PACKAGE (Compressor, Oil Sep, Oil Sep SRV’s, Oil Cooler, Oil Cooler SRVs, Pipe) Accumulator or Recirculator Package (Vessel, SRVs for Vessel, Pipe, 2 pumps, oil pot, oil pot SRVs, Pipe) Evaporator Package (Evaporator, Pipe, Surge Drum, SRVs), etc.
  • Identifying Deficiencies and assigning an priority for corrective action.
  • Common Mechanical Integrity Deficiencies
  • Missing Pipe Labeling and Valve Tagging
  • Required Signage on Machine Room Doors
  • E-Stop and Ventilation Switches on the outside of the main machine room door.
  • Missing plugs
  • Exposed Electrical
  • SRV’s out of Date
  • Excessive, Moderate and Minor Corrosion

How to properly take inspection photos and attach to the finding.

  • Creating the MI inspection Report
  • Report Summary
  • Report Findings and Deficiencies
  • Categorizing Deficiencies
  • Inspectors Certifications

Quality Assurance of new components (New and Existing Facilities)

  • Introducing new components to the system
  • Quality of materials used suitable for ammonia.
  • Installation quality checks against IIAR-6
  • Pre-Startup Review for each new component

5-Day Training (40 Hours)

Scheduled upon Request

This training is LIVE and can be delivered: At your facility location, at a Local Area Venue, or at the NH3 Training Center of Texas, LLC (Montgomery Texas) Scheduled Courses

Classroom is limited to 10 students. NH3 Training Center of Texas, LLC may cancel this session if the participation goal isn’t met.

Paid Registration must be 6 weeks in advance to hold your seat.

Trainer Experience

NH3 Training Center provides qualified and experienced trainers in Industrial Refrigeration Processes.

Classroom Locations, Dates and Cost

This is a 5 day (40- hour) comprehensive training course to ensure you know and understand the content of this training.

The key to the success of this training program is to ensure you will have the necessary knowledge and skill set to perform your job with integrity and quality. Therefore, you will be given Tests throughout the training, to ensure you have learned the materials.

NH3 Training Center of Texas, LLC shall ascertain that each Student has received and understood the training. NH3 Training Center of Texas, LLC will prepare a record which contains the identity of the student, the date of training, and the means used to verify that the student understood the training.

COST: $2500. Each student

Includes breakfast and lunch each day, Test and Training Certification upon completion. 4-Follow-up Q&A Sessions with the Trainer.

Minimum of 6 students in the classroom.

For further training in PSM and RMP for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems, see our class offerings and schedule.

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