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This training is intended for apprentice desiring to be Refrigeration Operators, PSM Consultants, Refrigeration Managers, Plant Engineers, and Contractors with no refrigeration experience that desire to expand their career capabilities with knowledge in the Ammonia Refrigeration System.

Training Materials

  • Students will receive a Hard Copy Workbook

Training will include:

  • Introduction - History of Releases – Why PSM? Union Carbide, Bhopal industry, Phillips 66 – Texas. Dupont
  • Ammonia Awareness Training / HAZCOM (Hazards of Exposure) things about ammonia. Pictures of Eyewash Shower’s locations and inspections (within 55 ft, tepid water, portable of bottle of water. PPE, APR, Paphrs. Ammonia on you, how to react, what will happen.
  • Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) Based on Specific Job Task (Basic PPE Required in machine room based on plant PPE assessment)
  • Respiratory Protection and proper usage (Fit Test, Medical Exams)

o No CONTACTS – eye protection.

o Chemical Burns

o How to respond to a contact with ammonia

o 3 ways it affects you, - skin, inhalation, swallow liquid absorption.

o Ammonia Videos – releases Peru,

  • Ammonia Equipment and Components and how they operate.

o Block Flow Diagram

o Review of facilities Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (Facility Specific)- explain the PIDS, roadmap of the system. (DFA Rockford)

  • Basic Refrigeration Cycles (1 hours)

o Why do we use Ammonia, instead of other types of Refrigerants.

o (HFC’s vs Natural Refrigerants). CO2 cascade systems, Propane,

o Benefits of Ammonia

o Disadvantages of using Ammonia – PSM, EPA, etc.

o Ammonia Safety Systems and Their Functions (SRV’s, Compressor Cutouts, High Level Floats)

o Machinery Room Doors (Emergency E-Stop switches, Ventilation System and switches, Machine Room Door Signage).

  • 14 – Elements of PSM and RMP -Overview

o Contractors On-Site (What to watch for to make sure they are following Ammonia Safety). Whatever rules you follow – they follow, someone to check in on your. Sign and Sign out. Contractor Awareness Training. Contractors on roof, On-site Safety Inspection. Refrigeration Contractors draining oil, should be wearing PPE.

o Process Hazard Analysis Safety Hazards and Action Items

o PHA on a Evaporator - Protecting Equipment from Damage (Forklift Traffic in production and in Machine

Room should have a PIT Power Industrial Permit using

manlifts – having a spotter.

o Safe Work Practices (Hot Work, Confined Space, Line Break, LOTO)


o Who to call and when NRC, LEPC

o Flow Chart – for determining a large release

o 48 hours incident investigation

o SOPS – for each piece of equipment

o Ammonia Drills – Coordination with local responders.

o Emergency Action Plan and Response (How to respond to an Ammonia Release)

o Ammonia Drills (Tracking Action Items to Closure)

o Wind Direction – plant announcement.

o Shelter in place – Primary and Secondary locations

o Alarms Sounds – Fire and Ammonia

  • PowerPoint with photos. – Daily Rounds – walking the system Pressure and Temperature, inconsistencies, looking for Sounds, Vibration, Smells, Excessive Ice, Ammonia System Alarms and Controls (Walk through of system: PLC Control Panel, Compressor HMI Panels, Levels on Vessels, Detectors, stack lights, Ammonia Equipment Security (Machine Room Doors locked, fencing outside areas), Ammonia Detectors (Locations for Audible and Visual Alarms, Stack Lights, Signage, Calibration and Testing Requirements)

Topics for this training is subject to change based on the need and experience of the students in the training room. This course is not intended for participants to have the required skills and knowledge to operate the refrigeration system. For further training, see our RETA I and RETA II training courses.



Classroom is limited to Minimum 10 students – Maximum 20 students. JSC may cancel this

session if the participation goal isn’t met.

Paid Registration must be 6 weeks in advance to allow time for travel arrangements and materials to be compiled.

Trainer Experience RETA CARO, CIRO, and RAI

NH3 Training Center provides qualified and experienced trainers in Industrial Refrigeration Processes. One of our Trainers are RETA CARO, CIRO, and (RAI) RETA Authorized Instructor with previous Refrigeration Training experience. Our Refrigeration Trainers bring over 30 years of combined years of refrigeration experience, that includes maintenance, starting up new refrigeration systems, revamping an existing system, and day-to-day operations.

Classroom Locations, Dates and Cost

This is an 8-Hour comprehensive training course to ensure you know and understand the content of this training.

The key to the success of this training program is to ensure you will have the necessary knowledge and skill set to perform your job with integrity and quality. Therefore, you will be given Tests throughout the training, to ensure you have learned the materials.

NH3 Training Center of Texas, LLC shall ascertain that each Student has received and understood the training. NH3 Training Center of Texas, LLC will prepare a record which contains the identity of the student, the date of training, and the means used to verify that the student understood the training.

COST: $550. Each student

Includes breakfast and lunch each day, Test and Training Certification upon completion.

Minimum of 10 students in the classroom.

For Sites Specific Operator Training students may elect to bring their facilities Refrigeration System’s Process Safety Information to the classroom training. For a list of PSI, please notify us during the registration process.

For further training in PSM and RMP for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems, see our class offerings and schedule.

For more information contact: Jet@NH3TrainingCenter.com

or Call 936-230-4392.

Introductory & Advance Training Courses for the Ammonia Refrigeration Industry to meet regulatory compliance guidelines.

Phone: (936) 230-4392

Email: Jet@NH3TrainingCenter.com

Located in Montgomery, Texas


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