NH3 Training Centers of Texas LLC presents

Senior Management's Responsibilities for EPA's Risk Management Plan


This training is intended for Plant Managers and Corporate personnel who are responsible for the implementation of OSHA 1910.119 Process Safety Management and EPA 40 CFR Part 68 Risk Management Plan. The training will provide an overview of the requirements of both regulations and provide participants with the knowledge needed to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements as they pertain to an Ammonia Refrigeration System.

Training Materials

  • Reference OSHA and EPA Websites On-Line

Training will include:

  • Overview of PSM and RMP Program Elements
  • Differences between PSM and RMP
  • RMP Management System
  • RMP Hazard Analysis
  • RMP Submittal to the EPA
  • RMP Emergency Response
  • RMP Prevention Program (PSM)
    ° Employee Participation
    ° Process Safety Information
    ° Process Hazard Analysis
    ° Operating Procedures
    ° Training
    ° Contractors
    ° Pre-Startup Safety Review
    ° Mechanical Integrity
    ° Safe Work Practices including Hot Work Permit
    ° Management of Change
    ° Incident Investigation
    ° Emergency Planning and Response
    ° Compliance Audits
    ° Trade Secrets


Request to schedule below.

Classroom is not limited. NH3 Training Center of Texas, LLC may cancel this session if the participation goal isn’t met.

Paid Registration must be 4 weeks in advance to hold your seat.

Trainer Experience

NH3 Training Center provides qualified and experienced trainers in Industrial Refrigeration Processes. Our PSM Trainers have over 28 years of experience in OSHA 1910.119 and EPA 40 CFR Part 68.

Classroom Locations, Dates and Cost

This is a 2 hour overview training course to ensure you know and understand your responsibilities under the EPA and OSHA federal regulations for an Ammonia Refrigeration Process.

The key to the success of this training program is to ensure you will have the necessary knowledge and skill set to perform your job with integrity and quality. Therefore, you will be given Tests throughout the training, to ensure you have learned the materials.

NH3 Training Center of Texas, LLC shall ascertain that each Student has received and understood the training. NH3 Training Center of Texas, LLC will prepare a record which contains the identity of the student, the date of training, and the means used to verify that the student understood the training.

COST: $175 each student

Includes: Test and Training Certification upon completion.

For further training in PSM and RMP for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems, see our class offerings and schedule.

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Introductory & Advance Training Courses for the Ammonia Refrigeration Industry to meet regulatory compliance guidelines.

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